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Triumph Over Tragedy

Triumph Over Tragedy


Triumph over Tragedy is a theological treaties in response to horrific and sudden deaths among Kingdom people. It is intended to address the superficial and often inadequate cultural dialogue that swirls around us when we face death generally, but most of all when we face tragic death. The discussion in the book examines several perspectives on grieving, one being the theological issue that when we view God as the "taker-of-life" more than the "giver-of-life", we run the risk of having a continual difficulty trusting Him to minister compassion and comfort. Yet, it remains one of the greatest tragedies in the minds of Christians today; to speak of God having "taken our love-ones away in death". But isn't the presence and experience of death a part of being human? And isn't the evil in this world part of God's permitted-will and not His perfected-will?

This book is a challenge to the Body of Christ to take another look at questions like these; especially the incidence of sudden death and tragic loss. It provides sound answers based on strict biblical interpretation, and then it raises some other questions that we as believers may have never thought of asking.

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