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Victorious Marriage

Victorious Marriage


Marriage is the foundation for and highest of all
human relationships. Marriage and the family were created before the church and came into being before any other human institution. It in fact, becomes the pattern or basis for all other relationships and institutions.
Since marriage and the family are the primary institutions that God created, it only stands to reason that if they are changed or destroyed, then destruction will also take place in all other human institutions and relationships.
As we lovingly write with you in mind, it is our hope that your marriage would be victorious. We want you to win in every area of your marriage and enjoy all God has purposed for you. We want your marriage to be thriving and healthy. May you be encouraged and stirred up to take you marriage to a high place you had never dreamt of before reading this book. Cheers to an exciting, strong, happy and Victorious Marriage!

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